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The Road to Emmaus

The Experience of Love in Family

Seven isn’t just a lucky number. Through the covenant rhythm of the Old Testament, God teaches his people what it means to be in his divine family, preparing them for the coming of his Son. In this episode, see how radical it is for us to be sons and daughters of the Father Almighty.

Beloved and Blessed

beloved and blessed, kimberly hahn

The Key to Communication

Communication is essential for healthy relationships, but learning to communicate well is also one of the most difficult challenges of marriage. How do we overcome differences in styles of communication? Kimberly Hahn shares her tips.

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Sunday Bible Reflections

The Bronze Serpent

Living in the Light: Scott Hahn Reflects on the Fourth Sunday of Lent

The Sunday readings in Lent have been showing us the high points of salvation history—God’s covenant with creation in the time of Noah; His promises to Abraham; the law He gave to Israel at Sinai. In today’s First Reading, we ...
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St. Paul Center Presents

The Temptation on the Mount

Practical Spiritual Warfare

Mike Aquilina and Rob Corzine continue the conversation with Adam Blai, the author of Hauntings, Possessions, and Exorcisms, with some very practical advice about how to respond (and how not to respond) to demonic activity. Knowing the Church’s teaching as well as the real world experience of demonologists and exorcists should keep us ...
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