Formed in Christ Series

Formed in Christ Series

A New Series for Systematic Study of the Faith

If you’ve ever wanted an easy-to-understand, orthodox overview of teachings that every Catholic should know, the Formed in Christ series offers just that.

Each book in the series can be read individually for an in-depth introduction to a range of topics, from the sacraments to morality to Christology. But what makes this series particularly exciting is its design for a systematic introduction to the key teachings of the Catholic Church. Reading the entire study from start to finish won’t just fill in the gaps of your high school religion classes—it will give you the kind of foundation you would get from a college degree in theology.

In addition to your own personal study, these are ideal for high school and religious education, as well as for any Catholic looking to deepen their own understanding of the faith. The six volumes in the Formed in Christ series cover every point in the USCCB’s guidelines for high school catechesis and are ready to be implemented in full in any Catholic high school.

Whether you’re an armchair theologian wanting to fill in the gaps of your religious education or an educator who wants to implement a rigorous and orthodox curriculum, you'll find your answer in the Formed in Christ series.

Fundamental Theology

How do we know who God is?

Evidence of Things Unseen: An Introduction to Fundamental Theology explores God’s revelation to mankind and how God chose to reveal himself to the world in Scripture and Tradition. If you're looking to build your foundation in the faith, this is the place to start.


How do you have a personal relationship with God? What does it mean and what does that look like? The answer to those questions comes to us through the Person of Jesus Christ.

In The Word Became Flesh: An Introduction to Christology, get to know God better as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Learn about what faith really is, how you’re called to live that faith in a community of believers, and how your relationship with God will prepare you for eternal life.

The Paschal Mystery

Why did God send his only Son to suffer and die for us? To understand the way God chose to save us from sin, we have to go back to the very beginning and learn about the happiness God planned for us from the start.

That You Might Have Life: An Introduction to the Paschal Mystery of Christ takes us through creation, the Fall of Man, and Christ’s Passion, death, and Resurrection to your own life and what Christ’s redemption means for us.


What is the Catholic Church? Is it an organization made up of priests and bishops, monks and nuns? Is it an institution to which people belong as members? Is it a spiritual tradition that guides people’s beliefs and actions?

In a sense, the Church is all these things. But it’s also much, much more. Learn why the Church isn't just an add-on to our faith in I Will Build My Church: An Introduction to Ecclesiology.

The Sacraments

Where did we get the sacraments? How do they work in our lives and in the life of the Church?

In Do This in Remembrance: An Introduction to the Sacraments, Dr. Jacob W. Wood shows how Christ gives his Church the power to speak with God’s voice in the seven sacraments to transform us by grace and prepare us for glory.

Moral Theology

Is Catholic moral teaching one big “no?” Is the Church just out to stop us from having fun?

Contrary to what many might have us believe, Catholic moral teaching isn't about saying “no”. It is a yes to Jesus Christ, a yes to God’s plan, a yes to real love, and a yes to real joy. Christ Alive In Us: An Introduction to Moral Theology reframes morality in light of human freedom and the grace of God.