A partnership between the St. Paul Center and the Diocese of Boise.

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Register for free access to The Bible and the Virgin Mary series and beginning on January 9 we’ll notify you each week when the new lesson is made available. Your email address gives you access to each new video, allows us to send you reminders to watch, and provides you with exclusive discounts on supplemental materials.*

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How it Works

The St. Paul Center has partnered with The Diocese of Boise to offer limited-time access to its new video Bible study series, The Bible and the Virgin Mary. Over the course of 6 weeks and 12 lessons, beginning the week of January 9, this study presents the participant an opportunity for growth in knowledge of Scripture and devotion to Our Lady.

Bishop Peter, in conjunction with the St. Paul Center, is making this resource available to all the parishes in the diocese, so please share this link with your friends and family.

Two new lessons will be posted each week and will be available for two weeks after the post date. Keep an eye out for a new email each week announcing that the new lessons are available.

If you miss any of the lessons, there will be an opportunity to save on the full DVD set in your welcome email. We look forward to growing with you.


Full Schedule:

January 9:  Lessons 1–2 posted
January 16: Lessons 3–4 posted (Lessons 1–2 still available)
January 23:  Lessons 5–6 posted (Lessons 3–4 still available)
January 30:  Lessons 7–8 posted (Lessons 5–6 still available)
January 30:  Lessons 9–10 posted (Lessons 7–8 still available)
February 6:  Lessons 11–12 posted (Lessons 9–10 still available)
February 13–19:  Lessons 11–12 still available